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eBook Content Details:

This is designed to give useful tips and advice for the people who want to be able to grow their own food for themselves and their family members. Having that satisfied feeling of knowing they have planted, nutured, and harvested the food on the table in front of them. 

The book has interesting content and has many images and accompaning photgraphs to help further explain and bring to life some of the material contained within.  The reader can easily find their way around the eBook and will find the following:

  • Benfits Of Growing Your Own Food
  • The Best Vegetables For Beginners
  • Fruits That Grow Well In Pots
  • Tips To Start Your Own Herb Garden
  • How To Start An Indoor Herb Garden
  • How To Start A Square Foot Garden
  • How To Time Your Planting
  • Know What Season To Plant In
  • Plants That Can Regrow Themselves
  • Vegetables That Only Need Partial Shade
  • You Can Grow These Nuts At Home
  • What Is Lasagna Style Planting
  • What You Should Know About Composting
  • Natural Ways To Improve Your Soil
  • Introduction To Canning Vegetables
  • Ways To Make Gardening More Decorative

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