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What Is A Prompt Engineer:

As AI language models become integral to more businesses and services, many companies are hiring full-time prompt engineers to help refine their AI interactions. These roles can be found in a wide array of industries. 

It’s no secret that the explosive rise of generative artificial intelligence like ChatGPT and others are set to make some jobs obsolete; however, it’s also going to create some new jobs. One such new exciting role that has been slowly gaining momentum is “Prompt Engineering.”

This course gives you a headstart in understanding the Do's and Don'ts when engineering a prompt. With more companies than ever wanting to use AI they realise that they need to recruit people who have an indepth understanding as it can make or break a business if it is done badly. There are so many areas now within a business where AI is and can be employed and it’s also a rapidly evolving field.With the right skills and a proactive approach, there’s no limit to the opportunities in the exciting world of prompt engineering!

What Is Prompt Engineering:

Simply put, prompt engineering is the practice of crafting effective queries or inputs — referred to as prompts — to guide an AI language model towards generating desired responses.In essence, prompt engineering is more about understanding how language models work and crafting effective prompts to guide them toward a specific output.

Essentially, a prompt engineer leverages their understanding of AI and language models to craft effective prompts that guide AI systems toward generating desired responses.A prompt engineer are an essential part of any team seeking to leverage the power of AI language models, and their work is pivotal in making these complex tools accessible, useful, and efficient for a range of applications.

Many businesses require AI optimisation but don’t have the need or resources for a full-time employee. You can offer your services as a freelancer. You could consider offering consulting services as an emerging field, there’s a growing demand for education in prompt engineering. You might wish to upskill yourself to enhance your own role in an existing job or to put you in a position where you become more valuable to your company and should a role pf Prompt Engineer be advertised internally you can throw your hat in the ring. 

While at its core, prompt engineering involves crafting inputs to guide AI language and machine learning models, it’s much more than just asking questions or giving commands. It’s about understanding how these models respond to different prompts, iterating and refining these prompts to align the model’s output with our goals.

Prompt engineering is already finding applications across various sectors — from content generation to customer service, from data analysis to education. And as AI continues to evolve and mature, it’s likely that the importance and influence of prompt engineering will only grow.

Whether you’re an AI enthusiast, a developer, a content creator, or just curious about the future of technology, understanding prompt engineering can equip you with a valuable skill set!

So don't wait - with this book you will discover how to think like a Prompt Engineer, understand the importance of how you frame a prompt and the variables that must be considered first to get the best response from AI. To help you we have also included 500 Business prompts designed to give you a skeleton for your prompt which you can then build upon and thus keeping the number of tokens at a minimum to ensure the best response from the prompt. (This is all explained in the book along with interactive lessons to help you on your journey).